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About Us

The Farrar Funeral Home was founded in Jefferson City, Tennessee on December 25, 1924 by the late Roy E. Farrar, Sr. and his wife Aline Taylor Farrar, along with his father-in-law and mother-in-law, Walter C. Taylor and Clara Renegar Taylor, after having purchased the Bill Orr Undertaking Company.

On this date the Bill Orr Undertaking Company was resolved upon the retirement of Bill Orr and the business then formed would become known as the W.C. Taylor Undertaking Company.

Roy E. Farrar, Sr. was a graduate of the John A. Gupton College of Embalming Class of 1923 in Nashville, Tennessee and he was the first licensed embalmer in Jefferson County, Tennessee. The original location of the W.C. Taylor Undertaking Company was on Main Street in downtown Jefferson City in a small building next to the Ingram Barber Shop. The business, now under the knowledgeable guidance of Mr. Taylor and Mr. Farrar, prospered greatly and it was inevitable that a larger facility be acquired. Mr. Taylor and Mr. Farrar then built what is known today as the May Manor in Jefferson City especially to handle the demands of their operation in the early 1930's.

The funeral home operated from this facility until the untimely death of Mr. Taylor in 1938. At this time, Mr. Farrar in Jefferson City and Mr. Jack Taylor in Rogersville, Tennessee acquired the total interest of the W.C. Taylor Undertaking Company.

At this point, the demands for a more spacious facility were facing Jack and Roy once again and the decision to sell the property and move to the Russell Avenue location was made. In 1942, the entire interest of the W.C. Taylor Undertaking Company was acquired by Roy E. Farrar, Sr. and the name was formally changed to Farrar Funeral Home.

The funeral home and ambulance service operated from the Russell Avenue Location adjacent to the Carson-Newman College Campus and served the residents of Jefferson County from one facility. In 1945, the decision was made by Farrar, his oldest son, James C. Farrar, his middle son, Roy.E. "Toad" Farrar, Jr., and his youngest son, Joe T. Farrar to expand his business to better accomodate the growing needs of the county as a whole.

The Farrar Funeral Home Dandridge Chapel was comissioned in 1945 under the direction of Farrar and his son, Roy.E. "Toad" Farrar, Jr. providing both ambulance and funeral service to the Dandridge area. The county continued to prosper and grow every year and it was then a decision was made by Farrar and his sons to open a third location to better serve the needs of the community.

The Farrar Funeral Home White Pine Chapel was comissioned in 1952 under the direction of Farrar and his son, Joe T. Farrar providing ambulance and funeral service to the White Pine area. Ambulance service was provided to the community until 1972 when state laws ever changing made it impossible for the funeral homes statewide to continue this operation. The Jefferson City Chapel operated at the Russell Avenue location until the decision was made by Farrar and his sons to move the business to its present location on Broadway Boulevard in 1974.

Farrar and his sons continued the operation of the family business until 1980, at which time Farrar suffered a devastating stroke which forced him to retire. At that time, Farrar decided himself to move into a nursing facility to ensure his care and allow his sons to serve their clientele faithfully. Although retired, Farrar was constantly abreast of the family business until his final days in 1984 at which time he died very peacefully in his sleep. James, "Toad", and Joe Farrar continued with their father's dream and has managed to faithfully uphold the high level of service in which their father taught them and today Farrar Funeral Home is being served by the fourth generation of the Farrar Family along with very capable employees who give freely of their time, their ability, and show great dedication to the continuation of the Farrar tradition.